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Financial Planning

We help you make smart, informed financial decisions.

  • Is my savings sufficient for retirement?
  • Can I retire at the age I want?
  • How can I plan for the unexpected?
  • When should I take social security?
  • Can I afford to pay for my child's college education?
  • Can I purchase a second home?

Our Process

  • Initial sit-down: We'll get to know you and review your financial goals to ascertain your strengths and weaknesses--and then put together a customized plan that is easy to understand.

  • Annual or Semi-Annual meetings: It's important to monitor and update the plan as time goes on. During the year we will check-in to ensure the plan is moving forward.

  • As-needed meetings: Every client is different. That's why we are available to you at any time to review unexpected obstacles or windfalls. We believe in a proactive approach to your financial plan.

  • Online Access: You will have options for online access where you can monitor your plan and make adjustments at any time. Data is updated on a daily basis.